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100 Themes

Kingdom Hearts 100 Themes
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Kingdom Hearts fanworks, with claims and themes
Hey! Welcome to key_blade. This is the Kingdom Hearts/Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts II community, following the now tradition of mount_ordeals (FFIV), esper_cave (FFVI), mako_reactor (FFVII), fated_children (FFVIII), madain_sari (FFIX), pyre_flies (FFX/-2) and the_sandsea (FFXII), all modded by shanaqui.


1. In this community you're able to claim pairings, general relationships and single characters to write about. If you claim a pairing, every fanwork you produce needs to have at least hints of a romantic relationship. However, if you pick general relationships, you can alternate between all kinds of relationships; romance, friendship, rivalry, etc. You can also claim more than two characters in a general relationship, for example, to write them as friends and a threesome. If you pick a single character, you have to include that character in every fic for that claim, but this is very flexible and you can include romance if you like.
2. You may have up to three claims at once. They don't have to be all of the same type and if you have Sora claimed as a character, you can still claim him in a relationship with Goofy if that's what you want!
3. To ensure diversity and such, only two people can claim the same character or relationship at any one time, except in the case of challenges, which have slightly different rules.
4. If you're inactive with the claim, it will be freed up for someone else to play with after three months. Only fair, really.

If you've read the rules, please place your claim here.

Writing/Drawing for your claim:

1) You may include up to five themes in what you write or draw.
2) You must make sure you're writing for your claim and not wandering too far from the point. If you claim Kairi as a character, Sora/Kairi in a fic is fine, but Sora/Riku with Kairi taking the back bench is not. You can write about any of the characters who appear in the Kingdom Hearts games, but please set your fics in the Kingdom Hearts universe (except in the case of AU), not in the Disney or Squaresoft universe, and use Kingdom Hearts appearances and characterisation.
3) When you submit, please use the following form:

4) Put all submissions under an LJ cut. Here is the code for an LJ-cut:

5) Submissions have to be based on at least one of the themes, however abstractly.
6) Writing can be AU, spin offs from your longer fanfics, part of a series of ficlets - as long as you provide the links if they do not stand alone.
7) Please post your stories actually on the community, and don't fake cut to your journal. That makes sure the memories will always be intact and people can always find your fic. If you write something too long to post on LJ, you can host it yourself and link to it or ask the mod to host it for you.
8) Please only post one story or piece of art in one entry, so that it can be put properly into the memories.


1) If you know that you're not going to like something because of the pairing/character/relationships/author, don't click the LJ cut just to say how much you hate the pairing. Discussions of pairings are fine, bashing pairings is not fine.
2) Constructive criticism should be gentle and aimed at building up the person's abilities, not tearing them down as a person.
3) No negative things like homophobic comments, racist comments, etc. That doesn't belong in a community like this that will welcome any and all kinds of pairings and relationships from the Kingdom Hearts series.
4) If you disobey the rules twice, I'll definitely make a note of it, and whenever you offend again, whether it be in two weeks or two years, you'll be removed from the community.


1) Challenges are slightly different and have rules and a claiming post of their own. When you claim a challenge, you claim a character, pairing or general relationship to work with, but you also claim up to two personal challenges.
2) More than two people can claim the same challenge, the same pairings or characters.
3) Exactly the same format is used to post challenges, except you must make it clear that you're writing for a challenge.
4) There is no time limit for challenges, unless that is part of the challenge.

To claim a challenge, please click here.

If you have questions or need to drop a claim, please ask here.


1) As of 17/12/2006, spoilers are no longer banned.
2) This applies to warnings in the headers, spoiler icons, and basically anything else you can think of. :)


If you change your username mid-claim, it will not be changed in the memories for that claim. After that, it will be. People that currently applies to:
-shanaqui; formerly twilightsrain


All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.